Keynote & Workshop Topics

Interested in a more interactive experience on Surviving Leadership?

There are a number of topics which I can deliver as a keynote speech, interactive workshop, or other customized approach, including (but not limited to):

  • The Disengagement Decision: how employees get there & how leaders can help them make the right decision
  • Surviving a Matrixed Organization – A 12 Step Program
  • The Leader’s Legacy: understanding & controlling your impact on your company’s culture
  • Culture is as Culture Does: laying the foundation for success
If you’re more interested in “HR for HR”:
  • Connecting the Dots: Why HR should play the role of “connector” in an organization & how to do it
  • Put the “Critical” Back into your Thinking: How HR can help business make better decisions
  • The Three Ps of Talent Acquisition: Applying the People-Process-Product approach to finding and retaining the right talent for your organization
  • Choose Your Own Adventure: Building your career in HR
  • Kicking & Screaming: Navigating your own HR transformation
  • Lost in Translation: Positioning yourself as a strategic partner

Workshops & Consulting:

  • Strategic Planning: Interactive workshop for leadership teams to prioritize and plan for the organization’s strategic objectives
  • Recruiting Workshops: Helping your talent team build employer brand, revamp their recruiting processes, etc.
  • Building Trust: Working with teams to help identify the root cause of trust issues and work towards resolution

Want to learn more?  Let’s chat.  Contact me using the form below!

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