Recruiting Animal! This year’s honoree for (the increasingly inaccurately named) ‘Tim Sackett Day’

You might think that all bloggers know each other. That’s not true.

We just act like we do.

Part of that is because we recognize that this world that we live in – particularly the HR blogosphere (yeah, I hate that word, too) – is a unique thing. We have a lot to say about a lot of different topics, yet ultimately, we acknowledge that all of these voices have a role to play and we love it when one of our own has a chance to be exalted by the masses.

And that’s where the annual Tim Sackett Day comes in.

Started in 2011-ish, Tim Sackett Day came about because Tim Sackett was (and is) a blogger and HR guy who couldn’t seem to get any love from the makers of lists.  So the blogger community got together and recognized one of their own.  This has grown into an annual tradition of giving a communal “shout out” to those who have greatness in their hearts, in their heads, and in their blogs.

This year, we recognize Recruiting Animal.  recruitinganimal.PNG

Obviously, the name alone is enough to get him on pretty much any list. I mean…seriously.  That, and the hat.

But ultimately, we recognize Recruiting Animal because he is a true pioneer of social HR. Don’t believe me? Check out the timeline:

  • 2004: Animal creates his very first blog.
  • April 2006:  The Recruiting Animal Blog is born. The format is pretty much the same today as it was back then. Substance over style, baby!
  • March 2007: Not content with the written interaction afforded by the blog, Animal founded the Recruiting Animal Show – the VERY FIRST online call-in show about recruiting. It’s outrageous, funny, thought provoking, in your face, and damn good.  It was at this time that Recruiting Animal joined Twitter. No one really knew what it meant, but Animal was appropriately wary of the belief that Twitter was the promised land for recruiters.
  • 2009: Manifesto video created. Okay, not really a manifesto, but a witty, smart,  realistic look at why social media doesn’t pay but still fricking matters. (The whole thing is worth a watch, but head to the 7:40 minute mark for the meat of it.)
  • The present: The legend continues…

If you are at all interested in HR blogs, then you probably know of Laurie Ruettimann (and if you don’t, you should!). Laurie had this to say about Recruiting Animal:

Animal blazed a trail on social media that allowed people like me (and you) to get on the internet without a lot of risks. And Animal provides you with coverage, whether you know this or not. He’s so outrageous in his big Canadian hat that he makes the things we say and do seem like no big deal…. His heart is as big as Toronto.

I don’t personally know Recruiting Animal. But I know of him. And I know people who think the world of him…and that says a helluva lot.

So (big furry Canadian) hats off to this year’s Tim Sackett Day honoree, Recruiting Animal! Keep doing what you do – we’ll all “get it” one of these days.

If you want to find Recruiting Animal online, you’ve got lots of choices:

7 thoughts on “Recruiting Animal! This year’s honoree for (the increasingly inaccurately named) ‘Tim Sackett Day’

  1. Thank you, Mary and thank you CountrySide. Now, you didn’t mention it but there’s something else that I’m known for and that’s giving unsolicited social media advice. Usually it’s about Twitter but I’m not afraid to spread my wings and comment on blogs as well. Not everybody likes it and lots of people block me but, look, someone thought I was good enough to honour on #TimSackettDay, right, so that’s what I’m going to do now, give you a shot of the real thing.

    I’m sure that there is a very good reason for both of you to be using domain names. but just in case there isn’t, do you know you can buy and domain map it to this blog or simply forward it to the blog. And the same is true for

    And is better than because it’s shorter. So, if you haven’t considered it, please do. Over and out. Regards from me.

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